Luxury Life Site Info

Thank you for your interest in Luxury Life.

We’ve taken the time to compile some information about the site itself and how it is constructed and maintained. We’re built with much cooler parts than your typical blog platform.

What “platform” do you use?

This is probably the most common question we get. The surprising answer is “none.” We _do_ use a methodology called JAMstack. Read all about it here: In a nutshell, everything you see on a Luxury Life site is served statically… no backend servers, no databases, and no moving parts to break down.

We use amazing leading edge tools to make this happen:


The next question becomes why did we make these architectural choices? Why didn’t we use Wordpress or any number of other cms platforms?

Well… we needed speed, robustness, and simplicity… and we wanted to be able to sleep at night knowing that our sites are not going down because of an unforeseen security flaw or poorly written plug-in.

Wordpress is old, PHP is even older (20+ years!), and blog platforms based on these technologies (like Joomla and Drupal) are struggling more and more while trying to keep up with security threats and performance issues. They require sophisticated backends and databases just to function, with many points of possible failure. Even if you do manage to keep it all secure without introducing breaking changes, keeping it all running fast and snappy is a whole other ball game.

The method that we’ve adopted, however, eliminates ALL of that. All the sophistication happens on the site generation side. We “push a button” and generate a static website that needs nothing more than a file system to run.

Benefits? Here you go…

It’s The Cool Thing To Do

Just because it’s new and cool certainly does not make it the right choice. The technologies we chose, however, are built by the people who are building the web.