Lyn Hiner Studios


I am an abstract expressionist artist working in acrylic on canvas and paper.

I enjoy living in the beach community of San Clemente, California (but have lived all around the United States), with my husband, two daughters and mutt. I work out of my studio which overlooks a park with a view of the ocean in the distance. Canvases on easels cover the counters and table tops of my work space inside and out. There are multiple works in process constantly, for either commissioned pieces or building my collections for shows. When I’m not creating art, you can find me writing; something I’ve been called to do through this creative journey.


Lyn is captivated by the beauty in creation. It fills her with joy and elicits a wonder that reconnects her to a childlike curiosity. Through painting, Lyn says she feels closer to the Creator of the universe, extracting the essence of what she sees but still leaving something for the viewer to derive for themselves. Her expressive application and playful hidden gems of color cause you to not only look at the artwork from a distance, but require you to come closer and find the hints of past layers that lead to the final piece of art. The intricate details of nature are deconstructed, leaving you the viewer, to discover a beauty and love of nature all your own. The contrast between the chosen palette and the application with a knife are meant to create a level of conflict – the same conflict she feels in using such delicate reference objects with such an intense approach. It is meant to draw you in and explore, look deeper and be enveloped by the majesty of creation – even the simple, quick-to-perish flora around us.