Above and Beyond

Canada’s Bombardier Aerospace is about to debut one of the most expensive and luxurious private jets ever built – the new $73 million Global 7000 – and the world of business aviation will never be the same. Destined to be a magnet for billionaires, celebrities and top-flight executives, the high-tech, ultra-long range Global 7000 is now the world’s largest purpose-built business jet and features an innovative four-zone cabin, 7,400-nautical-mile range, and advanced aerodynamics giving it the smoothest ride of any aircraft in its class.

Constructed at Bombardier’s Toronto, Ontario facility, the Global 7000 has a maximum speed of Mach 0.925 and its short-field and “high/hot” capabilities mean it can land at airports like Aspen and Jackson Hole that have previously been inaccessible to jets of this size. It can also achieve long haul runs like New York–Dubai, London–Singapore, and Los Angeles–Shanghai in less time than other aircraft in its class.

Eddie Sotto, former Disney “imagineer” and the world’s top luxury private jet interior designer, responsible for eye-popping projects like the Skyacht and SkyRanch One, is just one of the industry heavyweights who are excited about the possibilities of the new jet. “Bombardier has certainly created a remarkable aircraft designed to serve two masters, morphing toward either being business or personal,” he tells Luxury Life.

“The four discreet cabin zones are potentially very immersive and tempting to a designer, in that you can create separate identities for each personal space,” he notes, “and like scenes in a film, lend a subtle ‘wow’ as each zone is revealed. I can also see doing an ultimate business interior without making it seem typically ‘boardroom’, yet one suite might be appointed more traditionally.”

Tim Fagan, Industrial Design Manager at Bombardier Business Aircraft, spoke with Luxury Life about the game-changing plane:

What makes the Global 7000 the best and most impressive new business aircraft?

It’s an exceptional experience from the kitchen to the walk-in luggage area. We created the first and only purpose-built four-zone aircraft in the world, and it is designed with an uncompromising and innovative approach to comfort and performance. Each of the four living spaces was considered with purposeful intent: the industry’s largest and most well-appointed kitchen, the six-seat dining and conference area, the lounge featuring the latest in cabin entertainment and technology, and the stateroom where passengers can sleep comfortably during a long overnight flight.

We wanted our design to accommodate every need a passenger might have while flying. The Global 7000 business jet is an extension of their home and office, giving them the freedom to effortlessly travel around the world all the while staying connected with Bombardier’s Ka-band system, the industry’s fastest in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity with worldwide coverage [excluding only the North and South Poles].

Our innovative design philosophy also extends to pilots in the cockpit. The Bombardier Vision flight deck is the industry’s only cockpit to seamlessly blend next-generation technology with superior design, fit and finish, inspired by high-end automotive aesthetics. As the first to feature synthetic vision imagery on a head-up display, the Bombardier Vision flight deck reduces pilot workload and increases situational awareness while providing pilots with an exceptional flight experience.

The state-of-the-art Global 7000 represents the future of business aviation worldwide featuring an advanced wing design conceived to optimize speed, range and control for an exceptionally smooth ride, steep approach capability and short-field performance. The aircraft can access more remote locations or restricted airfields, such as London City airport, getting travelers closer to their destination and saving valuable time.

The aircraft will revolutionize the business jet experience, enhancing how companies, governments and individuals connect. We developed this breakthrough design by consulting business leaders from around the world and asking ourselves, ‘What if?’ Bombardier strives to reimagine what’s possible and then maps out innovative ways to achieve it.

What were some of the challenges in designing the Global 7000?

Successfully creating a no-compromise aircraft that’s also the largest purpose-built jet was a true challenge. The Global 7000 is a true “clean sheet” design and Bombardier created a category-defining aircraft of the utmost luxury with no compromise on comfort or performance. With the Global 7000, Bombardier’s expert engineering and design teams found creative and innovative means to optimize every aspect of design. For example, by using an “inside out” design philosophy, Bombardier engineers created an interior of the utmost quality by using a design that allows all windows to line up with seats and tables regardless of the floor plan selected by the customer.

How will clients be able to customize and personalize their jets?

The Global 7000 cabin can be tailored with a near infinite selection of floor plans and furnishing designs. The aircraft can be configured for up to 19 passengers and offers four unique living spaces. Each aircraft is an expression of the personality of the customer, and the layout of the aircraft is determined by how the owner intends to use it. The customer’s intent is what really drives the layout at a very basic level, so the objective is to identify this at the first meeting, and then move to more specific choices of cabin layouts that will best meet this intent, followed by the owner’s personal taste on fabrics, colors and finish materials.

How would you define the lifestyle of the Global 7000 customer?

Our customer base is as diverse as the Global 7000 aircraft is flexible. It encompasses high net worth individuals whose lives span continents, from family holidays, to philanthropic work in remote locations; to corporations whose operations rely on the ability to stay connected across borders and time zones; to charter operators looking to exceed the expectations of their discerning clientele.

Where do you expect most Global 7000 orders to come from?

While our order book is confidential, demand for the Global 7000 aircraft is very strong. We are delighted that the market has received the aircraft so well. EIS [Entry Into Service] is scheduled for the second half of 2018.

How did Bombardier’s engineers achieve the Global 7000’s high performance and ultra-smooth ride?

The Global aircraft’s advanced wing design facilitates unmatched performance versatility and a smooth ride. The long, slender design of the Global wing with minimal area results in superior flexibility and higher wing loading, ultimately providing passengers with a smooth ride. Wings with a long, slender design (high aspect ratio) tend to provide more flexibility during turbulence. For example, the Global aircraft wing elasticity was validated through rigorous ground testing, where it was flexed to an impressive 7 feet, 9 inches at the wingtip.

The high-speed ailerons (or split ailerons) used in the wing is a proven feature in many commercial aircraft and allow for the wing to remain flexible. This contributes to a higher level of control of the aircraft and a smoother ride. As a business aircraft industry first, the use of this technology further reinforces the no-compromise approach to comfort and performance.

What sets Bombardier apart from other aviation companies?

With a heritage that dates back to the very first business jet, Bombardier Business Aircraft has at its core a forward-looking, innovative spirit that is embodied by its people and the aircraft they have proudly manufactured, sold and supported with the expertise handed down over the last 50 years. Bombardier’s comprehensive line of business jets is the largest of any original equipment manufacturer (OEM), with three leading aircraft families.

Its complete line of Learjet, Challenger and Global jets allows customers to grow within the Bombardier business aircraft family as their travel requirements evolve. Every detail of a Bombardier business aircraft is meticulously selected. Our expert engineering and superior craftsmanship allow you to experience productivity when you need it and comfort where you expect it. Nothing more and nothing less than what an exceptional private jet should be.