Xenia Deli

Her name sounds like something out of a Bond film, her curves are equally lethal and she has a mind of her own – Xenia Deli is already a force to be reckoned with and she’s just getting started. The 27-year-old beauty, born in Basarabeasca, Moldova, was a literature student beginning a university career when her modeling career started to take off. She’s since appeared in advertising for the likes of Guess by Marci-ano, Buffalo Jeans and Victoria’s Secret, and numerous magazines including FHM, GQ, Sports Illustrat-ed, Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Maxim. She also famously locked lips with Justin Bieber in his siz-zling film-style video clip for “What Do You Mean?”, which has been viewed over 1.7 billion times. Most recently she was named the face of global beauty brand IsaDora.

She now has a brilliant marriage to her credit, with dapper real estate mogul Ossama Fathi Rabah Al-Sharif, and lives in a movie star-worthy Los Angeles mansion. The glamorous couple also own houses in London, Geneva and Cairo, Egypt. We fully expect 007’s producers to come calling – maybe even for the lead role – but for the time being Xenia is busy adding socialite, philanthropist and globetrotter to her ever-expanding resumé. And she’s having tons of fun with it, as a glance at her Instagram account – with 800,000 followers – shows: always gorgeous and gorgeously dressed, posing in a private jet or her bright yellow G-Wagen and Bentley Continental, occasionally giving a well-manicured middle finger to those who criticize her lifestyle. But as one of her more popular captions has it, “If I ever let my head down it will be just to admire my shoes.”

What first brought you into the world of modeling?

I never thought I could be a model. My dream was to become a teacher of foreign literature. One day I got a message from the famous photographer Gavin O’Neill. He offered to shoot some pictures of me – as it happens in the same location as the pictures for this magazine – and we got incredible shots that then helped me find a modeling agency. So, my story is simple and sort of typical I guess, but at the same time it’s a miracle that happened to me.

What was it like working with Justin Bieber? Are you still friends?

It was a very good experience. I’m still very proud of this work. We have never really been close friends, becoming close friends takes a lot of time, but he left a very good impression in my soul.

Do you see the world differently now then before you were famous?

Of course, I see the world differently. The more you travel, the more you meet people, the more you are experienced in life, the more it widens your horizons. I’ve become wiser and more mature.

Do you have any hobbies or interests beyond fashion? Describe a perfect day that doesn’t involve modeling.

I love watching movies, sometimes I like to read and sometimes I play sports. I like to plan family parties and holidays. And I love charity projects too. A perfect day would be on an island, with a white sandy beach, lots of palm trees, and a cold Piña Colada, dipping myself in the clear blue water of the ocean.

What was it like finding the love of your life and marrying him? What brought you together? And what have you learned on the eve of your first anniversary?

First of all, I think it was destined for us to meet. I was always trying to find someone who had the same views and values as I do. I never thought that this kind of man actually existed. But he does! My hus-band is something of a dinosaur – life doesn’t make men like him anymore. How he values a woman and his family is unique. With him I’m learning a lot and new things in life, but the most important thing is that he helped me to learn about myself and to be patient and calm.

Is spirituality important in life? What does it mean to you and how do you express it?

Spirituality is very important. Spirituality is something that lives in your heart. For me I have an image of God. For some God is energy, God is the universe, for me God is an all-powerful person that I can’t see but who is always walking by my side. He is sitting by my side, he has been with me on each and every single step in my life. And every beautiful thing in my life has happened because of him.

You seem to have a unique gift for charming rather than antagonizing the tabloids and the press. What is your attitude towards the media?

I like the responsible, respectful media. And I will not allow the media to influence or affect my private personal life.

You are living a privileged life and obviously enjoying it. That’s bound to provoke some jealousy but also respect. What is your philosophy in life?

My philosophy in life is you get what you deserve. God will always know how much to give and who to give it to. Sometimes life is not fair, but with time we realize that what happens in life always happens for a reason.

Do you think a privileged life comes with certain responsibilities?

Yes of course. We don’t live alone and we can’t be happy alone, we need to share and take care of oth-ers who are less privileged. Otherwise our lives will be dry, it’s like living in the desert.

Why is philanthropy important to you?

How can you live on this planet alone and happy while the rest of the people are suffering? At the end, it will get to you. If you have the ability to make others comfortable and happy then it will get to you. What goes around comes around, that is part of nature.

What is your definition of luxury?

Luxury for me is to be able to do things in life that make me happy and self-content, without exaggeration and pressure from life’s attractions.

What are your favorite fashion brands?

I like to wear a bit of everything. It can be a very expensive brand or a cheap one. If you have good taste, which I think I do, you can combine luxury brands with clothes from cheaper brands. My favorites are Louis Vuitton shoes, Gucci, Givenchy, Chanel bags, Zara, and Mango.

What is your favorite car and why? Which car would you like to own?

The Bentley Continental, because it’s smooth and comfortable. And I would love to own a Ferrari.

Beyond products, what is an essential luxury for you?

A good comfortable house.

What are your favorite places to visit? What is your favorite hotel and why?

Rome and the Maldives so romantic and relaxing and out of this world. My favorite hotel is the Hassler in Rome because the view from the balconies is sensational.

What advice would you have for someone who wants to have a career like yours?

Even though it’s a magical and exciting career, you shouldn’t be walking on clouds. Keep your feet on the ground and realize that time is not on your side, and it’s going to be a short-lived career.

What will you do next? What does the future hold?

I want to have a big family and lots of children. I don’t know exactly what the future holds but I know one thing – that I want to live happily ever after with my husband and future kids and myself.