Belgard Hardscapes Knows How to Make a Grand Entrance

For a truly unique look in a cookie-cutter world, nothing adds the “wow” factor to curb appeal like a custom drive and walkway. Neighbors, friends, and passersby can get a sense of a homeowner’s individuality and style from the moment the home comes into view. This is particularly true when a home offers visitors a dramatic journey all the way from the curb to the front door. When it comes to making a grand entrance to a home, no one can do it like Belgard Hardscapes.

Belgard Hardscapes is the industry leader in upscale pavers and garden wall products and sets the standard for innovative and quality outdoor hardscapes. Found in America’s finest homes and dream homes, Belgard offers a versatile range of styles and color palettes to complement any architectural scheme, with textures and looks that range from classic and tailored to the rough-hewn feel of natural stone.

The Solid Choice.

Not only are paver driveways strikingly beautiful, but pavers outperform all other drive and walkway materials in both strength and durability, creating a look that’s meant to last.

“Belgard pavers are designed to provide years of beauty in all climates,” says Ken O’Neill, Vice President of Belgard Hardscapes. “We rigorously test all of our products for load-bearing capacity and resistance to environmental and moisture changes to ensure that your driveway looks as good in 20 years as it did the day it was installed.”

In addition to durability, the modular nature of pavers allows for faster and more uniform installation than natural stone, meaning less lifestyle disruptions during construction and safer walking paths once the construction’s complete.

Time, Space and Dimension.

Many of Belgard’s products offer a hand-chiseled old-world feel. These can be used alone to offer a step back in time or combined with modern smooth, tailored surfaces to create an eclectic look. By using a combination of paver and wall products, multi-level tiered designs can be created to add dimension to the home’s entrance.

Belgard’s wall products can be used to create seat walls, planter boxes, and retaining walls up to eight feet in height, offering the design flexibility of stair-stepped walkways, vertical gardens, and privacy walls. Wall products can also be used to wrap porch columns to create a cohesive look that coordinates with the pavers and garden walls.

Additional design possibilities include combining pavers with other materials, such as accents of natural stone or bullnose concrete edging. Other edging options include using a contrasting paver pattern, color, or style in any number of combinations. Pavers can also be hand cut to create intricate patterns and geometric designs that reflect the personality of the homeowner.

It Is Easy Being Green.

For environmentally conscious homeowners, Belgard offers a handsome collection of permeable pavers that provide both drainage and ecological solutions. In a recent study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, permeable paver systems were identified as one of the preferred methods for reducing stormwater runoff volume, rate, and pollutants-and one of the few stormwater management systems strong enough to handle heavy vehicular loads.

“Most people don’t realize the significant amount of pollution carried by stormwater runoff,” states O’Neill. “Not only do our permeable pavers filter out pollutants, they reduce the amount of runoff. In fact, an underground cistern can be added to collect rainwater which can then be pumped back into a garden irrigation system for the ultimate eco-friendly front yard.”

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