Origin PC: Experience the High Performance Life

ORIGIN PC was born from a passion of building the best computers in the world, founded in Miami, FL by three former Alienware executives: Kevin Wasielewski, Hector Penton and Richard Cary. The company started in 2009 by building high-performance computers for enthusiasts, gamers, and corporations. Clients include universities such as the University of Hawaii LAVA Lab and government institutions such as the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Since founding ORIGIN PC seven years ago, the product line continues to represent the high-performance standard with the latest in computer technology and backed with industry-leading lifetime service and support. Over the course of the company’s life, ORIGIN PC has received Editors’ Choice Awards from outlets such as CNET, PC Magazine, Laptop Magazine, Digital Trends, and more.

Today, the lineup is comprised of a variety of desktops including the small-form factor CHRONOS up to the full tower GENESIS desktop. The space saving CHRONOS can fit alongside a home theater system, while the immense presence of the GENESIS makes a bold statement to anyone entering the room.

The catalog also includes multiple laptops for different lifestyles. The EVO15-S, a laptop coming in at just around 4 pounds and about .69 inches thick, is powerful enough to quickly edit and render videos for professionals while traveling. The EON series of laptops feature exceptional desktop-class performance, ideal for travelers seeking desktop performance wherever they go. All ORIGIN PC laptops can run the latest games and can power the latest Virtual Reality hardware.

ORIGIN PC offers customization options that turns a computer into a truly unique system: custom paint and laser etching. Systems can be turned into a work of art with custom paint on their chassis. Customize panels and laptops with any detailed laser-etched design. ORIGIN PC works closely with the customer to ensure the customization leads to a one-of-a-kind system.

After the computer has been built, the system goes through a rigorous three-day testing period. Once testing is complete and the system is ready to ship, it’s packed into a wooden crate to prevent damages to the system during shipping. All ORIGIN PC systems are backed with lifetime 24/7 US based phone support, lifetime service and lifetime online support.

ORIGIN PC takes extra care in every step of a system’s lifecycle. If something happens down the road, 24/7 support will be on standby to help. The passion of building and maintaining high-performance systems is what drives the team at ORIGIN PC. For more information, please visit www.originpc.com.